Monday 26 August 2013

Summertime Stories

Well hello there!!

How has everybody been? Good summer?!

I hope you've all had a bloody lovely time whilst I've been away :) As I said in my last post, was off for a few festivities so took a mini break from blogging and now I'm back to reality it is time for me to update you all on WHAT'S. GONE. ON.


Colonoscopy Day

This was such fun (erm....?) not really, no. The pre-camera-bum-time was lovely! My new hospital is marvellous. I got a navy robe, some tote bed socks, hospital gown [standard] and even the paper knicks weren't too bad!

During the colonoscopy however - URGH - it was horrible. I briefly remember crying whilst drugged up to my eyeballs. They told me after that they had to give me 25% more drugs than they normally would for someone my age, except I don't remember and the boyf had to fill me in. Guess that explains why things are quite blurry for me.

The doctor said that things were relatively ok though, which is good news. And just that there was an old fistula inside. Come again?????

It's obviously fine now so...shouldn't be worrying?!! *panics in silence for a moment*

But I have the hospital this Thursday for a catch up from all the new scans and tests I've had over the last month. Will be sure to ask what it all means!

In other news...

Surfs Up!

And down to Newquay we go for Boardmasters with my girls. SUCH FUN. Had an amazing time; totally chilling out on the cliff top with ciders, floral headbands and good company.

But my lord! One word. Portaloos. They were summin' else!!

Fortunately I met a very nice man that was not only the bouncer for the disabled toilets within the main arena, but also conveniently understanding about Crohn's #winning

In all seriousness though. Bit of ol' R&R was fabio. Good job too, as I was off to Spain the next day!


After a whirlwind weekend in Cornwall it was straight down to Bristol to fly to Spaaaain. Viva la Espagnol!

Did a road trip with the better half: Almunecar, Granada, Madrid, Toledo, Salobrena, Cerro Gordo.

All I needed was a bumbag [or fanny pack if you're reading this in America. In which case, thanks for reading! We're international baby!!] sorry, I digress. Basically I would have become the ultimate tourist.

Foreign foods are naturally tricky for someone with IBD, but managed to find some tasty treats for the journey!

Saw some amazing places and really enjoyed finding hidden gems in the depths of Spain. Would definitely go again and explore some more!

Hi I'm Harriet, your new employee

And now to today, the first day of my new job. All very exciting!

Just need to try and keep my Crohn's under wraps for a while as there are lots of things to look forward to in starting my new career [although I seem to have a suspect lump on the other side of my bum cheek, but ssssh]

To be honest though, I feel like I need another holiday to catch up on sleep.

I am utterly exhausted, albeit from three bloody wonderful weeks.



Thursday 8 August 2013

Summer Holiday Time :)

Just a quick note to say that I am festival-bound tomorrow, nice and early...but I'm sure there will be many a toilet tale to tell in my next post when I'm back online!!

Then once festivalling is done I am off to Espagna for a week or so with the boyf. Naturally this means there will be a slight hiatus in blogging as I have every intention to CHILL OUT.

Sorry guys! However when I am back in England and with my iPad, I shall update you all on my colonoscopy day, festival mishaps and Spanish stories...

Until then amigos!



Friday 2 August 2013

It's been a while!

Hello one and all. And massive apologies for being slack with blogging!

As you know from my last post, a lot happened in a VERY short space of time *wipes sweat off forehead* but now things have quietened down a tad, which gives me an opportunity to update you all on what's gone on :)

So, I lost my job. But now I have a new job! Had my first interview for it last Wednesday, with the second interview this Monday. And by Monday afternoon I got told they were hiring me!! Super quick and wonderful.

The good thing is I don't start until 27th August, which means I can go on my two holidays and get all the new hospital stuff done before I start. Generally just chill...out...

I was initially worried about getting employed - in any job - due to having Crohn's and everything that it brings. But I brought it up in my first interview as I didn't want to potentially get through to the next stage, and that then be a reason for them not to hire me (I know they can't use that as a reason, but it's a worry all the same!)

But it's fine as I am an employed citizen once more!

And now for a Crohn's update: today I was hanging out in a toilet (not in a George Michael way)... I had my first MRI in the new hospital. THREE MRI UNITS they had. Three! Swanky.

Naturally I only needed the one machine. And as you probably know, before you get scanned for a small bowel study you have to drink from the bottle of death. (NB; not an actual bottle of death)

Welcome the constant poos.

Tomorrow I begin my colonoscopy prep ready for Tuesday. Been a while since I've had one of those, but I feel that if they're in there, they can see everything. And hopefully I'll get some answers re the ol' flamongey bloat.

So to end this post, please read the next part in the tune of Craig David "7 Days"

Have some laxatives on Monday, camera up the bum on Tuesday, resting in my house on Wednesday. And on Thursday, Friday and Saturday I am festivalling.

Nervous about pooing excessively at Boardmasters festival. But we shall cross that shitty bridge when we come to it!


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