Friday 25 April 2014

I'm on FIRE

I know I've always had a little moan about CONSTANTLY BEING HOT/early menopausal, etc. but recently I've noticed the palms of my hands are on fire. All the time?!

I had a browse on the internet (as obviously I like to do a spot of research) and stumbled across a post on the Healing Well forum:

Ok this has to be one of the weirdest feelings ever. My hands feel like they are being slow roasted over a fire. They aren't hot to the touch, but they are burning, especially in the palm area and where my finger joints are. Sometimes they also tingle, but the burning sensation is the strongest by far. There is no rash and my hands are not swollen.

This is me! Except it's not me, it's a user called Viteka and this was posted in 2009. But this is exactly what I'm experiencing!

Some other users suggested a B12 deficiency, some people replied saying it was meds related, others saying it was related to other illnesses but not Crohn's as far as they were aware.

Obviously I will bring it up in clinic next, but that's not for a while yet.

Does anyone else experience the ol' burning palms??


Sunday 20 April 2014

Model Material

I've just read an article (albeit on the Daily Mail online - don't judge) that Sam Faiers who was recently diagnosed with Crohn's and since left TOWIE, has been signed to Elite Models.

This sits uneasy with me.

Not because she's making the most of her opportunities since leaving TOWIE like previous castmates, etc. But because she lost so much weight through ill-health, I feel it's a skewed view on what is deemed attractive...borderline glamourising her new smaller frame. Also the fact that her recent weight loss is unlikely to be sustainable - and it shouldn't be a weight she looks to maintain.

From personal experience, I've always been advised that an IBD patient is better to stay on the plump side (if possible) due to the speed in which you can lose weight during a flare up. Plus there's the other side of it being the speed in which you can also gain weight on a cocktail of meds. But I'm also aware that being thinner, through no fault of your own, is not particularly something you like to bring attention to. Classic examples of what not to say to a Crohn's patient include:

"You're so lucky, you can eat anything and stay skinny!"

"You've lost weight! You look great!"

The full list, which puts the phrases in context, can be found here: What not to say

If she does gain weight due to meds working and making her better, I worry she will only be forcing herself to stay thinner due to her new modelling contract. And if her previous size was ok with regards to the modelling world, why wasn't she signed before?

Just seems completely non-sensical and it makes me kinda sad.


Wednesday 16 April 2014

Achy Bones

I have achy bones. Oh so achy.

Left knee, lower back, right shoulder. All slowly, one by one, getting more painful. Even if I'm not doing anything.

I've mentioned my knee and back to my consultant before, but it's never really something they've focused on...? Just getting a bit fed up of sitting with my legs crossed, then suddenly having to rearrange my legs because the pain is unreal. I am not of Nana age yet!

Is there a strong link between the autoimmune diseases? Can you have Crohn's and get arthritis more easily?

I had a little look into the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis on the NHS website (as this type seems to be the most mentioned re IBDs) and it brought up the following:

  • Pain
    • This is usually a throbbing and aching sort of pain. Often worse in the mornings and after you have been sitting still for a while. Pain is often felt while you are resting, not after activity.
  • Stiffness
    • Joints affected by rheumatoid arthritis can feel stiff, especially in the morning. Morning stiffness associated with a kind of arthritis called osteoarthritis usually wears off within 30 minutes of getting up. However, rheumatoid arthritis morning stiffness usually lasts longer than half an hour.
  • Warmth & Redness
    • The lining of the affected joint becomes inflamed, causing the joints to swell, and become hot, tender to touch and painful.

I guess I'm just curious, that's all. Don't want to get all hypochondriac on your asses, but the achy bones are becoming increasingly more difficult to ignore!!

Any info from anyone would be greatly appreciated; you can tweet me @Harriet_IM or leave a comment below.



Friday 11 April 2014

New person?

Almost feeling back to normal. If normal was a thing.

All the symptoms that caused me to feel like a bag of broken marbles have disappeared... now it's just a case of powering through the remaining weeks of Pred! Also have the dietician on 14th and then catch up with my consultant in about a month to see how things are.

I'm not a fan of steroids as I feel it gives a false sense of security; it giveth with one hand and taketh away with the other *puts away rose tinted glasses* However, if it's patching bits up that don't make sense - even if it is only for a number of weeks - then that's a hell of a lot better than continually feeling AWFUL. And at least I'm back at work now!

And I've also joined a gym! I know. I am basically a new person. Went to Zumba Step on Wednesday...almost died. But if you pardon the pun, I am one step closer to have an ass like Shakira Shakiraaaaaa. Might as well try and turn the rapid weight gain into something that resembles a bootay instead of a Teletubby.

But yes, as I've been in this relatively normal state for a week or so now, it's let me plan and do some wonderful things! 'Twas the other half's birthday last week which meant we could have a countryside escape for the weekend. Visited a National Trust village called Lacock (oh matron) and relaxed in a converted cottage in Devizes. Simply scrumptious. Makes me want to go all Cath Kidston, put on my wellingtons, bake a pie and leave it on the window sill of my thatched cottage.

And now to this weekend where I will be exploring Winchester with some old girlfriends. Many giggles to be had with these two lovelies... 

And I can't bloody wait.

Catch up soon amigos!

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