Tuesday 29 October 2013


So I have completed my first full week being on the FODMAP diet, and it will be going on for the next 7 weeks (8 weeks in total)

I was determined that when I started it, I would be strict and do as the booklets say, as I really want it to make a difference! And although it's been tricky, I am now getting into a routine of different foods I can and cannot eat.

Because of this, I will be posting recipes of various meals I've had - essentially turn my blog into the occasional food diary, if you will.

Recipes will be posted on my newly added 'Foodies' page, which can either be accessed along the top tabs, or by this link: http://www.harrietsgotcrohns.com/p/foodies.html

Any queries re foods I've used, etc. please get in touch!




Tuesday 15 October 2013


Starting yoga tonight.

Organised through my office - which is an added bonus, as it means I can't miss a class with it being straight after I've finished my working day. Plus it will firmly put exercise back on the map of my life.

Very excited as I'm so ready to get back into exercising properly again! More so now I know internally things are settling down/going in the right direction for once!

I'm also excited as yoga will not only help with the physical side of losing weight, toning up...but also the mental side.

And it seems perfectly timed as I have my first counselling sesh this Thursday.

Namaste indeed.



Wednesday 9 October 2013

The Joys of the Unpredictable

Well this morning didn't go as planned!

Didn't eat anything new/different last night...body seemed to do its normal thing of eat, toilet, toilet, bed. Yet this morning - jeewhizz. No fun at all, my friends.

Stomach was bloated and a tad painful (nothing new there), went to the toilet as per the usual morning routine. But the nausea that came with it! And the physical need to want to actually be sick! Uhh indeed.

45 mins later, got dressed - whilst sweating like it was 130 degrees - and left to get the tube. Until the overwhelming urge to both go to the toilet and vom came back. Cue a mad dash back down my road and straight into the bathroom.

It's so draining though. And then it makes me cry. And I was still really hot so sat on my bathroom floor to cool down (totally normal). Rang my manager, explaining my mini escapade and that I was running more than a little behind. Fortunately he was understanding and just told me to calm down, see how I feel and let him know...

At work now though. Still feeling a tad on the unstable side (body, not mind this time!) with my stinging post-cry eyes, but I shall power through as only one can. Until tomorrow anyway!

So yes. That was my morning and it's fair to say I wasn't expecting the first few hours of today to result in me essentially hugging the toilet and crying.

I still don't know why my body did this? Could it be the Azathioprine being all weird as I'm only one full week in?

You have to laugh though. It's all so bloody unpredictable.


Tuesday 8 October 2013

What's been going on...

It's been a weird few weeks!

It's almost like I don't know what went on, as so much happened. I guess the best place to start, would be to pick up where I left off; counselling telephone assessment.

To make it a bit more fun, I've named each bit after a song. Why not! Sing it if you like...

Mr Telephone Line

So they called me on the Thursday, at exactly 9:10am as promised. It's always a bit strange doing these assessments, as I would prefer it's done face-to-face, but means to an end and all that. Went through all the questions with the lady - who was so lovely, which helped - and she informed me that the next step would be her passing on my info to her supervisor and they will be in touch.

Whilst I waited, I threw myself into work as I really am loving my new job...and my hard work paid off as I was awarded with Employee of the Week and won a £50 voucher at the end of my first month!

But I digress. Back to the phonecall.

They called me the following week to let me know what they'd decided was the best route of action for me, based on the answers I gave. Originally I had asked for individual counselling as I didn't find the CBT group too helpful last time.

However, they proposed another group for me. One that is specifically for people with chronic diseases. Worth a shot I guess?!

This all begins on 17th October, right in the middle of the working day, for an hour. Inconvenient at best, but I know that a few weeks counselling in the short-term will help me cope better in the long-term.

Which brings me nicely to my next update...

Manic Monday

Except it wasn't a Monday. It was actually a Friday. And I was in a meeting that I had arranged with my manager and my HR department.

Obviously I'd rather not go into great detail, but brought it up to let you guys know why I decided to arrange the aforementioned meeting!

Due to the unpredictability of Crohn's, and my medical history combined, I decided it would be best to gently broach the subject - more as a just in case.

I wanted to make a plan. I wanted to know that I wouldn't have to feel guilty on those days where I'm running late because I can't get out of bed/leave the bathroom/make my way in without a toilet stop-off.

I also wanted to know the work procedures in case I needed another op/went into A&E out the blue (both of which have happened to me whilst being a working girl. Not that type of working girl. Just a girl. At work. In an office).

And of course I needed to inform them of the various regular appointments I had coming up; counselling every Thursday from 12:30-1:30pm for 6 weeks, the regular blood tests now I'm on Azathioprine, my dietitian appointment on the 21st..

Naturally my mind flapped due to the following thought process:


But it turns out that this company is pretty damn fantastic and openly said they will do as much as they can in order to support me - as long as I'm open with them (within reason obviously, as no one needs to no bowel movements down to the second!) But I think is fair enough - as I've definitely learnt from past experience with university/employers that it's best that they're made aware of what's going on. Otherwise I'll only be a hindrance to myself!

All in all. Very pleased I decided to bring it up now, whilst things aren't as crazy as they have been. And at least I know there are contingency plans in place...because my body is a strange one sometimes.

Doctor, Doctor

I also had the hospital last week, to get a round up from all my previous scans. The good news is that my insides seem to be calming down and I seem to be the closest to remission that I've ever been.

One would assume this would make me feel very happy, however I actually felt a bit odd.

I don't know if it's because having not long started on Azathioprine my body feels all over the place - and I guess I don't necessarily feel all that well, yet.

Like I'm being told my body is the best internally, that it's been for a long time. But for some reason my mind and general well-being doesn't match that at the moment.

I guess it's also because all that I've known since 2009 is the ups and downs of Crohn's...but mainly the downs with regards to ops/treatment/meds, etc.

So now I need some time to adjust. But I'll get there though. Especially with all the upcoming appointments which should really help me over that final hurdle and into remission.

Who'd have thought?!


PS: Each subtitle in the post is linked to YouTube if you do actually want to sing along ;)
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