Saturday 31 December 2016

And then there were three

Quite the cliffhanger I left you guys on...

But our bump to baby day was just that; and now we're 6 weeks in to being a little family of three thanks to our new addition of a little baby BOY! My slight inkling towards the end of pregnancy suggesting my bab be might be a girl was proved wrong at 12:37pm on 18th November as we welcomed a tiny human boy via c-section, weighing 6lbs 9oz.

I had every intention of writing about the whole birthing experience sooner than now - but I became utterly consumed by our new baby and I wanted to just enjoy my new role as Mummy to our spud. If you happen to follow me on Instagram then there's no doubt you would have seen my new family goings on as I continue to fill my feed with Baby Spam. FYI, Baby Spamming looks highly unlikely to stop in 2017 so by all means jump on board, chaps. Or don't. I don't mind, 'tis your call.

The last six weeks have flown by though and it's amazing how much has gone on during that time. My venture into parenthood has, generally speaking, been one of the most incredible things that's happened in my life so far and I feel it deserves a more detailed blog post (which will follow in the New Year). I say 'generally speaking' as naturally when you try anything new, there will always be trials and tribulations as you find your feet. And my word first-time parenthood has some steep learning curves! Like, I don't know, learning how to function with no sleep and a baby on your boob. Wouldn't change it for the world, mind.
For now however, I wanted to say that I hope you all had a smashing Christmas and enjoy this evening as we say ta ta and farewell to 2016 and look forward to what 2017 has to offer. But I also wanted to say a massive thank you for reading my ramblings as this year saw me take on my biggest adventure yet.

Happy New Year from one hormonal and proud Mummy. Here's to doing the 'pump and dump' so Mummy can have a few glasses of bubbles or a wkd blue.


Friday 18 November 2016

Bump to Baby Day

And just like that, it's here; heading to the hospital ready to have our miniature one. Officially the day my bump becomes our baby in arms.
See you on the other side...


Tuesday 15 November 2016

3 More Sleeps

Just 3 more days for my to fill my time as a pregnant woman, waddling around with a small human inside me.

I can't quite believe we're here already. Mentally I feel about 30 weeks pregnant - like I just haven't been pregnant long enough to be able to have a baby on Friday. Yet physically I am more than aware that it's almost that time.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have now compiled all my #bumpingalong photos and it's amazing to see the change in my body. Especially when there are particular photos I see and I remember thinking wowza my bump is huge when in reality it was probably week 18 and more of a swollen bloat-type bump compared to what it is now!

This is my final #bumpingalong at Week 38; non-maternity clothes (Topshop size 12 dress and a size 12 cardigan from Primark), paired with thick and wild pregnancy hair that I don't quite know what to do with.

And here is my journey from Week 14 to Week 38 with a few extra bump shots thrown in for good measure...

Admittedly the lack of consistency with square photos has really niggled at my OCD, but hey ho. The sentiment is the same when you compare the earlier photos to the ones from the third trimester. So big and round.

#bumpingalong aside, I have spent the last few days of my nesting getting my head around the forthcoming c-section, as I realised I haven't thought about this procedure the way I would have with my Crohn's ops. I'm not too concerned with the recovery part of the c-section because of having had previous abdominal operations, I'm pretty used to negotiating my way around with pain down that way (oh so glam). However saying that, I've never had to recover from a major op with a newborn. So will let you know how that goes!? It's when you let yourself think about what is actually being done though; cutting through the abdomen and uterus. But I just want what's best for baby; I am confident and happy with both the gastro team and midwives that have looked after me at my hospital. I'm in good hands and that's all I can ask for.

Whereas my Crohn's ops were a literal pain in the arse accompanied with hope that it'll calm down a wee bit and edge me to remission, at the end of this hospital visit we will have the most amazing little person in our arms; someone that we made and are ready to love unconditionally for the rest of our lives. This is why I am so excited for Friday - if not before - as it will be life changing in the most wonderful way and it's an adventure that we are more than ready to begin, as our own little family. Our own line on the family tree. A little unit of three ready to take on the world.

Now to make some more soups for the freezer. Mama's gotta eat.


Sunday 13 November 2016

Penultimate Week

And everything is slowly winding down/building up (depending on how you look at it) to the day our baby arrives.

Week 37's #bumpingalong was an odd one as I realised it was the penultimate photo in the little series I started out of curiosity way back at Week 14. This week's outfit was a monochromatic affair in maternity leggings from ASOS with non-maternity jumper from New Look in a size 12 and the required winter accessories for these dark evenings.
Jazzy hat in London town
Also had my final night out out as a preg for a 30th birthday; wore a non-maternity dress from Topshop in a size 10 but it's ever so stretchy and kind. Although when getting ready had the whole meltdown of NOTHING FITS ME ANYMORE. WHEN IS THIS BABY GOING TO BE OUT OF ME. I CAN'T SEE MY FEET. HOLD ME. CAN YOU DO UP MY SHOE. But I had a lovely time and it was ever so bizarre being asked about how far gone I was only to reply with "oh, we'll have our baby in two weeks". So surreal - especially now we're a handful of days away. Where is the time going?!
Multiple me to hide the kitchen
I think I'm going to compile all the #bumpingalong photos together to see how my body has changed during this pregnancy; the nearer we get to meeting the small human, the more I've realised how much I'm going to miss my bump when it's gone. Like I've said before, I feel considerably lucky to have enjoyed my pregnancy as much as I have, as it is honestly one of the best experiences of my life. To essentially put my Crohn's into remission alone is something I never thought would happen - but to have gone on and been able to make the most of all that pregnancy brings has just been magical (heartburn aside). Makes me all sorts of emotional thinking about it (NB: pregnancy, not heartburn).

Talking of being totes emosh, I have given up with how wild my hormones have become in this last week. I will be the first to say I've been a nightmare. Not because I've been hard work and mean - but because I have been doing the type of crying when you get saggy shoulders and you just sit there like a sad sack, sobbing on the edge of the bed. But no, don't worry, I don't need anything. Just having a good cry *cue a concerned other half whilst the mascara drips down my face and onto the top of my bump leaving a dramatic watery black line*

And talking about my bump...

This is my bump at 37+4 and I look like a dinosaur egg. I'm still not very wide which is why I have moments when I think how have I got a 50cm and 3kg person in here?! But when I see myself at this angle I can definitely see where my baby is. Weighed myself this morning and I've put on a total of 18kg on since the end of February and it amazes me that just under a third of that will most likely be lost in a day. It must be the weirdest feeling walking around afterwards - the weight gain is so slow to then suddenly oh so much lighter. Floating almost.

Nesting is all but complete - with a variety of meals batch cooked and in the freezer for when we lose the ability to function and feed ourselves. If you want to know cooking things, I have listed these with the recipe inspirations on another post which you can get to here.

The last thing I want to do re nesting before the miniature one comes is another whizz around the house with the duster and the hoover in hand. And buy an outside bin. Otherwise I am more than content with my maternal preparations - with regards to the house anyway. Will post during the week about my emotional maternal prep for the impending events, as that's a whole other ball game.

And now to enjoy what is left of our last weekend as a two before we're a family of three...
Absolutely fine with having a child this coming week

Batch Cooking

I have had a fair few people tell me that batch cooking is an absolute life saver once baby is here as it seems that you essentially forget how to function - whether that be due to the lack of sleep, working out how to be with a brand new person and routine, or just to make life a little bit easier. Either way, get cooking and freezing, pal.

So that's what I've done!

Have only made three meals this week, might squeeze in one more before bab comes. But below are the recipes I used as inspiration in case you want to make any of them. I like to go off on a tangent every now and then, but also because I don't like anchovies, so just no. They are not included in anything. Tailor the below to your own tastebuds and I'm sure you'll have a lovely time.

Pea & Mint Soup
This recipe is from BBC Good Food and was so surprisingly easy I think I'll make a couple more soups. But yes, not much more to say as,'s a soup.

Chilli Con Carne
Enjoy cooking recipes from Jamie Oliver as he's so slap dash and when I first started cooking his approach was the best for me. This is super tasty though and a good one for those meals when you need to use up what's in your cupboard. Thrifty.

Shepherd's Pie
Got to have a Winter Warmer in there, haven't you? This one is from BBC Food and I most definitely did not include the optional anchovy - I'm not a fool. Freezer tip for this one being to freeze the mash and the mince filling separately. Then when it comes to eating, once defrosted just build the pie as you would if cooking fresh and then whack in the oven.

When all meals were cooked I split them into indiviudual portions in freezer bags; dated and labelled, of course. As if you won't know what 'mashed potato' is without the label (what type of nester have I become?!)

But hopefully my crazy nesting has made it all that little bit easier as we adjust to life with our tiny new person to look after...


Tuesday 1 November 2016

Baby Show-time

The other half was off work this last week and we were all sorts of busy with the final preparations for our small human; due to arrive in 16 days. I'm sorry - 16 days?! Time is not real life any more it seems...

Having been quiet on the blogging front it means there are a couple of #bumpingalongs to catch up on too.
Week 34 was at The Baby Show and I am a true ball-up-jumper vision. Standard maternity jeans from Topshop with a non-maternity Size L jumper from H&M.

At The Baby Show the man and I picked out our last (!) few - albeit key - items. We have opted for the iCandy Peach for the bab's travel system, collected our MaxiCosi Pebble Plus as well as a Nuna Leaf for their seat, plus a Baby Bjorn carrier. And some other bargain bits, because, Baby Show. Will let you know how they all work out once they're up and running as functional items with a real baby in them (still having moments of OH MY GOD WE'RE HAVING A BABY VERY SOON NOW)

Week 35 was also on location after our final hospital appointment with the midwife. Birth plan is finalised now, although we are aware that there is every possibility of it changing once labour and birth begins. Hopefully if everything goes as planned, there are some aspects to our bab's birth that are as 'normal' as can be in an elective c-section. But here I am wearing a variety of khaki items; maternity Topshop jeans, Size L t-shirt from H&M and my winter coat in a Size 8 from Topshop, also non-maternity. 'Baby on Board' badge and Big Ben an additional bonus.

And now to week 36 after an Autumnal walk and day date to the local brewery - keg in hand. Lemonade for me, of course. This outfit that I cobbled together is made up of my maternity jeans (sense the pattern of no other trousers fitting me anymore), a maternity shirt from Topshop with my non-maternity camo jacket and winter accessories. Comfort for the win still.

As it stands I am officially past 9 months pregnant now and as much as I am wanting baby to stay in until their 'due' date, I am beginning to understand the cliché phrases you see on the internet. This includes everything with regards to nesting - which FYI, I am still absolutely bossing - but also the memes of feeling like the last trimester of pregnancy lasts approximately 5426 days.

But hey. What's another 16 days until we're only counting down the hours?!


Wednesday 19 October 2016

Strong Nesting

I was born to nest. I am in my absolute element and what's even better is that now I'm on maternity leave I can nest away to my heart's content... antibacterial spray in hand, off I pop from room to room. I saw an image on the internet the other day which said: 
"Nesting is spending two hours cleaning out the junk in the drawer, because there is nothing babies dislike more than a misplaced Phillips head screw."
Internet banter there. But it sums it up perfectly. And I have actually become that mama to be!

I've had more trips to the local dump in the last few weeks than I think I have in the whole time we've lived here. I've put paperwork in date order, in folders with dividers and anything that can be, has been alphabetically ordered. I've also become one with both Ikea and Amazon Prime; there is no space left in our house that hasn't been put on the nesting to-do list.

Feeding area coming together nicely
Although my time off has been joyous thus far (I mean come on, it's been like four days), I still find the concept of being off work for up to a year most odd. Probably because it feels like I'm just on annual leave and I don't have my baby in my arms yet. I know once the miniature one arrives work will be the last thing on my mind, as I will be otherwise engaged as a mama. Strange that isn't it?! Once the human is out of me I will forever be someone's mother. Still Harriet. But always someone's mum.

A surprise baby shower, a hand-crafted leaving card, a book that's tracked my #bumpingalong. So many wonderful bits to see me off into motherhood...Will certainly miss my colleagues. But yes. I had a lovely send off from my work pals!
Baby shots and a face that I'm not too sure about

Miranda approves of my leaving card
With regards to being prepared for bab, we're pretty much there now. We're off to The Baby Show this weekend so hoping to get some bargains for the final few purchases. The main bits left to get are the pram and car seat - or as they're known these days, travel systems - our baby monitor and a carrier/sling. Any recommendations for the latter two items would be welcomed greatly! I've heard the Motorola video monitors are good? But open to options. Also heard that the Solly Baby wraps are amazing, although I can only see them online in the States - so a UK equivalent would be ace to know.

But anyway, I've got the inside of a cupboard to bleach.


Tuesday 18 October 2016

Planning a Planned Arrival

Can't quite believe we're so close now! We had our 34 week appointment today with the c-section doctors, which naturally got me thinking about how you plan for a planned arrival...

I'm very much in the stage of pregnancy where I am completely freaking out, my dreams are stupidly vivid, I can't sleep for baby movement and all I can do is worry about what lies ahead. Will I be a good mum? Will baby be ok? What actually happens in a caesarean? I've read a lot recently that confirms that all of the above is normal and of course it's good to share my thoughts because it's not unusual to worry. It's a huge thing, after all! We've made a human being. I'm just going to have to wait and see, as I can't get myself all worked up over the unknown (a mantra I lived by with my Crohn's).

But my appointment today made me a tad nervous; it's the same as with my Crohn's ops in that you essentially consent to everything and wait and see what we find when they open you up.

We had confirmation today that due to previous abdo operations, my Gastro team will be in the theatre with the c-section team, myself and my other half. Hopefully when they make the incision, my bowel and scar tissue haven't caused too much of a problem in which case the Gastro team can bid farewell and then we can get baby out in a routine way. If however it obstructs what needs doing to access baby, they'll do their bit and then let the obstetricians take over. A little revolving door of surgeons around my nethers, if you will.

Like with any surgery there are risks; although there's been talk of a stoma and colostomy beforehand when I had my resection back in 2013, I didn't realise that it could be something that pops up in regards to when I deliver my baby. I guess in my mind I kept my bum issues separate from my front bum bits. There are of course risks associated with a routine c-section too, with everything from wound infection and bleeding to a hysterectomy. So yes, I'm a little worried. But as I used to say with my Crohn's ops, I was just another bottom to them - and this is just another caesarean. We have planned as much as we can and all we can do is hope that everything runs smoothly! In 30 days time.

Now I'm officially on maternity leave (post following shortly) I am just going to put all my energy into nesting and try not to let my worries get the better of me. And I'm also going to avoid reading some of the shite on the internet about how a c-section is the "easy way out" and that I'm "not giving birth" as I've had my baby "surgically removed".

I'll have to get back to you on that.


Tuesday 11 October 2016

Pregnancy Lent

Kind of. We're now less than 40 days and 40 nights and there will probably be a lot of pancakes consumed by yours truly.

Officially (as I type) we have 37 days to go until our c-section date and the list of things to do/buy before the human arrives is getting that bit smaller; which means it's getting that bit more real still. I said at the start of blogging about my pregnancy that although it's Biology 101 for how a baby is made and grows, it is still one of the most fascinating things I have ever experienced in my life. I still consider myself extremely lucky to have had a relatively 'normal' pregnancy with regards to my Crohn's calming down - and if it comes back once bab is out, then I will cross that bridge when I get there. But at least I've been able to feel like I have carried this baby with little to no complications thus far. Just can't let my arse fall out at the final hurdle, to quote my gastro surgeon.

Talking of bottoms...seamless link...

I think more needs to be said about HOW CONSTIPATED YOU GET IN THE THIRD TRIMESTER. Let alone how you feel like Windy Miller with the air just falling out of you, top and bottom. I'm a disgrace. Thank god I've been with my other half for 9 years, because the romance has well and truly died recently! I'm not used to having bowel movements like a bus service on a Sunday in a village. My bowels pre-preg were a 10-15 times a day situation. I don't know how to deal with this once a day malarkey!? How do you people do it? I feel like it's just not enough. But hey, if bab slows down my digestive system to a snail's pace, then that is the less frequent shitting hand I've been dealt. It frees up so much time! Although saying that, the toilet dashes have been replaced by toilet dashes...just for a number one instead. But still so much quicker! Even if you need to do all the weeing, what with the baby pushing down on the organs. And sneezing still makes me nervous, mind - ruddy pelvic floors *squeezes muscles*

Did a version of a #bumpingalong for my 33 weeks (got to get the lift pics in whilst I can) and I'm kitted out in head to toe maternity Topshop. Even gave a nursing bra a run out and I felt so free. Big ol' wobbly mama-to-be boobies. And despite my breasts being the largest they've ever been in my life, my baby bump is so much further out - hence my human pyramid effect.
So yep, this week and it's my last week of work; all finished on Thursday. I will do a final work-based #bumpingalong and a post about maternity leave, as I'm already finding the concept quite odd. It's a real mix of emotions.

But for now, I think I've done a good bit of oversharing...


Monday 3 October 2016

The Age of the Potato

It's happened. I've become a human spud in the torso.

Had a christening over the weekend and despite feeling all sorts of lovely in my dress, looking back at photos I can see that yes - my body has become one big potato. My bump is very out now. And I've learnt that from this point forward, it's where I put on 1 to 2lbs/week as part of pregnancy. Let the expansion continue! It's also easier for me to get through gaps head on rather than turning sideways and knocking everything with the bab bump.

Here's my week 32 #bumpingalong (trying to stay on top of it!) and I am wearing maternity leggings from ASOS with a non-maternity tunic type dress from last year's Topshop in a size 12. The dress was a go-to when I was Crohn's bloated - 'tis nice and roomy in the middle and the pattern is also great camouflage.

Baby has been a regular hiccupper for a good few weeks; I read somewhere the other day that says if baby is hiccupping too much after 32 weeks that it's something to talk to the midwife about? Has anyone else heard this? I believe it's because it could mean the cord is around the small person's neck. Keeping an eye on that fo' sho. Although my first-time-parent anxiety is somewhat alleviated now we've reached a point in pregnancy where if baby arrives, we're medically kind of ok. Ish.

The movement from this baby though! It's incredible, albeit painful at times, how much they move around. And to feel an actual body not just seeing my belly wobble. The moving is making my other half oh so excited to meet our makes my heart swell seeing him like this. I can't wait!

Don't get me wrong I am still panicking about everything else that being a parent involves as there's only so much prep you can do before they're here. It's 45 days until this baby is definitely out of my womb and into my arms.

And this is my last full week at work.




Thursday 29 September 2016

Mama Fashion

Have been a tad slack with blogging around the #bumpingalong what with generally getting more pregnant and having things to do. So thought I'd post about the last couple of outfits I've put together as it's definitely tougher dressing the bump.

Week 30
For my birthday back in May my gals got me tickets to London Fashion Weekend and it was just as fashionably wonderful as I thought it would be.

The #LFWEND outfit consisted of a Bluebell Maternity dress from ASOS paired with black patent block heel ankle boots from New Look. Incredibly comfortable, albeit I hadn't worn heels in forever so it looked like I had club foot by the time I got home. Slave to fashion and all that *only wears soft clothes now, mind*

Week 31
This week's #bumpingalong photo was taken after watching McFly (teenage self swooooons) and being outOUT at 8 months pregnant really was something else. Massive shoutout to the O2 Forum at Kentish Town though for giving my friend and I wristbands so we could go in the special access area to be more comfortable - didn't even ask! Excellent service and made for a much more enjoyable concert. Thank you, thank you.

But onto the outfit... my go-to maternity jeans from Topshop, plain black maternity vest from New Look and then my spontaneous purchase from London Fashion Weekend; a black sheer maxi dress from Never Fully Dressed.

Best of the Rest
A sports luxe look for a weekend stroll - maternity polo neck and maternity croc-effect wet look leggings both from ASOS worn with a slinky bomber jacket from Primark.

(Excuse the set up, I'd try to fit in a cardboard box. No particular reason why.) Outfit is made up of Primark non-maternity culottes from last Summer paired with the other maternity polo neck from ASOS. Disclaimer in that the culottes had really risen up - they usually fall just below the knee, but gravity.

Here's me trying, and failing, to see whether I can push the boundaries of non-maternity clothes in certain styles. It seems not, as this was a dress that just would not zip up. But a beautiful dress nonetheless from Topshop for the non-preg amongst us.

More success with actual maternity wear at Topshop with this ace shirt.

And finally here's me welcoming in all things Autumn in a large non-maternity mustard jumper from H&M with - you've guessed it - my maternity jeans from Topshop.

Still after the illusive preg unitard I spoke of when newly pregnant. But as the colder seasons draw in, I am more than ready to be in soft and comfortable clothing. Especially with all this extra downward pressure in my vagine.


Pack 'Em Up

31 weeks and all antenatal classes complete! Labour, c-sections, recovery, breastfeeding, bathing, generally looking after a small human...we are informed.

Informed, yes. Totally ready? Not quite. But sure.

The antenatal classes have been really helpful though in taking all the bits we've read over the last 8 months and preparing us to put it all into practice.

And so onto this week, which is the week of the 'hospital bag'. Packing the hospital bags though make everything seem that bit more real. Throughout my pregnancy there have been moments when it's like OH. WE ARE ACTUALLY HAVING A BABY, but then you just carry on being pregnant and stuff. Like when we decided nursery colours, when we built the furniture, when the nursery was complete. When browsing online for buggies and car seats and slings and learning what a travel system is. Let alone hitting the physical preg milestones that take you aback as there's a real life human growing inside.

Looking online it seems that you need to take everything you've ever owned with you to the hospital. There are a few bits that are irrelevant as we're having a caesarean, but generally there is a fair bit of packing to do! It also advises that it's split so that mama has a bag, and then a bag for dad and baby in case I'm whisked away somewhere.
Pinterest browsing (again) for all the bits and bobs
The baby's movements have gone from me feeling ripples to acknowledging that yes, that is definitely a foot, or a tiny back and little bottom. Blows my mind! After all, it's under 50 days to go now.
The parents-to-be (and a celebratory ale)
Had my penultimate midwife appointment yesterday and it's always a relief hearing baby's heart beating away nice and strong - and it got me thinking about how far into pregnancy we are and how I still have no clue as to whether I'm carrying a girl or boy. Will I ever get a sense of what my baby is? Am I out of touch to have no idea? All other preg women I've spoken to have had an inkling of what they're carrying; which has either been proved correct when they've given birth, or they've found out at their 20wk scan and they're bang on. The hormones in pregnancy are a funny thing because you have these irrational moments where you let your mind wander and then suddenly you're just a big ol' pregnant weepy lump, sitting on your sofa talking away to your small human saying sorry you don't know what they are.

Well at least I know I'm definitely carrying a baby. Despite my dream the other night about giving birth to a kitten.


Monday 19 September 2016


We are 30 weeks pregnant. THIRTY. That only leaves 8 weeks until we're booked in. Whatever happens in the coming weeks we will definitely have a baby in 59 days.

Had a bit of a tricky weekend and subsequent morning today, mind. Heartburn still causing me grief - so much so I vomited on myself in the shower from burping. Nice. My Braxton Hicks are certainly getting stronger and making it much harder to stand up straight when they're present. All part and parcel of entering the 8 months preg club I guess!

However what I wasn't expecting this early was to lose a little bit of my plug.

There's no way to discuss it without being gross, so if preg detailed talk is too much, scroll down to the safe zone my friend...

Naturally, reading up on your mucus plug isn't the most pleasant of topics but something that needed to be done when you see what can only be described as a blob of clearish snot where it shouldn't be. A quick phone call with my midwives confirmed that as there was no pink in colour or blood, labour isn't imminent (can be anything from a few hours or few weeks if the full plug, or 'show', has happened). But that it does sound like some has come out and to keep an eye on things down there, rest up, etc.

Now I'm contending with pressure in my nethers, knowing baby is head down and that I'm without some of my plug. Please don't try and leave just yet oh miniature one! I haven't even packed your hospital bag!


Needless to say there will be a delayed #bumpingalong picture as I am not wearing anything that's publicly acceptable; pants, t-shirt. A for-my-eyes-only vibe. I did manage to shave my legs all on my own though - except now they look like sausage meat.
So quick catch up on our first antenatal class last week for you: it was all about Intervention & Caesareans, the latter being the main bit for us. Hearing about being induced and seeing some of the tools used made my tummy go all funny. Yet strangely, talking frankly about the proceedings in a c-section didn't really phase me. I guess it's because I've had 14 ops with my Crohn's so a surgical set up is almost more favourable for me than a natural one!? Surgical is my natural set up.

Tonight's class is all about boobies. Well, officially Feeding Baby. But breastfeeding and bottle feeding, I believe. I've tried to get a bit of a head start and started reading 'Breastfeeding Made Easy' by Geraldine Miskin as I'd love to be able to breastfeed my human that I'm growing. I am aware however that it's not something all mums are able to do, whether by choice or otherwise, so I don't want to put pressure on myself if it turns out that my boobies can't do the feeding.


Monday 12 September 2016

Flammable Insides

Heartburn in the later stages of pregnancy is quite possibly the worst feeling I have ever experienced in my life. Slightly dramatic, perhaps. But the level of discomfort is something else?! It's not even just around when I eat; 'tis all day, errrr day. Acid, ooph, ouch, burp, oh bit of food's come up, lovely, ahh the burn, nausea, burp, rub chest in annoyance. Repeat to fade.

I had tried the 'Princess and the Pea' approach of all the pillows in bed but that's just impractical and annoying. So popped to the GP and have been given some Omeprazole to take and this can also be boosted with Gaviscon as and when, if required. I feel a tad like my Nana - she's always got the Gaviscon to hand.
It's funny how heartburn is also something that mums have said they really don't miss now they're no longer preg. For someone that has never had heartburn before, I believe I too will look forward to the day when I don't feel like there is FIRE TRAVELLING UP MY OESOPHAGUS AND INTO MY MOUTH.

Onto more exciting news though...we're 29 weeks today and have our first antenatal class tonight! This session is all on Intervention and Caesareans. Got to have my game face on and I imagine this will obviously be key to what lies ahead for us. Intrigued to see what the other parents-to-be will be like too. Young, old, first baby, etc. New parenting friends.

There's also another mini heatwave this week. Joy. Please note the high level of sarcasm. All I want to do now is wrap myself up in a woolen poncho, sit indoors and let my preg body spread. I don't want highs of 30 degrees thank you when I'm having to commute. Not's mid September. When is Autumn happening?! Naturally this means that I'm still (begrudgingly) dragging out the Summer items and today's #bumpingalong is a non-maternity H&M jersey dress in a Small.
A nautical buoy
I feel like my bump has really changed shape over the last week. It's become more round? I haven't been very pregnant on my sides - my profile has always been very OUT and from the back I still don't look too preg. But the bump has suddenly become very much like a big ol' massive ball. And can anyone see my ass? It's grown enough to find it's way out of my knickers and cause me consistent wedgies, but side on it appears to be M.I.A.

I also feel like my torso isn't long enough at all to house this baby though. Everything is starting to feel very squashed internally; all up in my ribs and right down into my vagine. How the baby is going to find room to keep growing I just don't know! Someone is going to have to start rolling me to wherever I need to be as my metamorphosis into a human weeble continues.

(Officially) 9 weeks to go.


Friday 9 September 2016

Getting Low

This baby is down, but certainly not out - yet.

And I obviously am referring to baby's position in my uterus, rather than their emotional state.

Saw the midwife on Wednesday and I explained exactly how I was feeling with regards to the pressurised nethers. We had a listen of baby and their little heart was pumping away nice and regular; always a relieving feeling. But my bab also took the midwife by surprise with the force in which they kicked...we have a strong one inside! My midwife said how typically you get the ripples and what not at this stage, but always good to see such strong movement from the baby. Well done to our human.

She then did the usual process of feeling where baby is positioned and straight away said that she could understand why I am so uncomfortable. It appears that baby is definitely head down and very low - usually found around the mid-thirty weeks [that matched up to all the bits I read online in forums, etc.] However for me not to worry as baby can stay there for a good while and they've not yet twisted around to be engaged. Naturally though, I would quite like the miniature one to stay in there as long as possible please! But the other half and I also understand that baby is going to come, when baby is going to come and there's not much we can do about it! In the meantime we've been told to keep a closer eye on my Braxton Hicks as they've been causing me quite a bit of pain and discomfort - but irregularly, which is the way we want it to stay for now. If in doubt then we call the midwives and talk through what's going on and take it from there...

For baby's arrival, the man and I have been doing a countdown to week 38 as that's when we're booked in for our c-section, but there were suggestions of working back from week 37 instead as medically this is when they consider a baby full term; anywhere between 37 and 42 weeks is good. So say for instance our little one makes an early appearance at 34 weeks, technically they're only going to be 3 weeks early (from what's considered a full term baby) as opposed to 6 weeks early (with the 40 week total). Does that make sense? I believe baby just gets extra layers of fat after 37 weeks that aren't essential to life - they're all readymade by then.

In other news, H&M aren't helping the situation when it comes to tiny clothes. So it appears I accidentally bought some more for our tiny person.

Had my rhesus injection this afternoon which was just a big ball of crap feeling in my arm. Will only have to have this again if baby is of a positive blood type and our bloods cross at birth. To be honest, a crappy injection will be the least of my concerns when I'm there all c-sectioned! (Is c-sectioned a verb? Strong phrase all the same). Such a predicament though with my Anti-D injection; I'm right handed but I also sleep on my left. What arm to sacrifice for the day?! I opted to give up my right arm as I have every intention of getting horizontal to nap asap. Complete preparation for our first weekend of nothing.

No official plans and I can't ruddy wait. Ahh to just lay down in soft clothes with my bump guardian...bliss.


Tuesday 6 September 2016

Professional Nester

Does nesting apply to all aspects of my life? As in nursery and homeware - but also my blog? If so, I'm ready to be a professional nester please.

I've been looking for a clean-looking blog template for what seems like years and now I've found one and have worked all evening on it (so sociable). Hattie, etc. finally got a ruddy good refresh and cleanse I wanted it to have. I also felt like the mint and peach colours of my blog before were merging into the nursery colour scheme; so now we have a sleek mono look instead, to match the grown up that I need to be when bab gets here.

The new layout also gives me an opportunity to show off photos more so; not just of myself in the #bumpingalong posts - because nobody needs to see my face stretched out across their screen, even when looking at the clothes - but for when I get stuck into wedding bits and bobs and of course once the miniature human is here. I'm a visual kinda person. Be visual with me.

This one has a mobile optimised look which pleases me so much! Quite the niggling pet hate putting in hard work to make the desktop version look all jazzy, only to view it on your phone and see a different thing altogether. A first world problem, sure, but annoying all the same.

I guess it's worth doing the life admin bits and bobs now because as my Nana pointed out to me today: "make the most of any free time you have, because you won't have any when baby gets here"...Wah. TEN WEEKS LEFT. SIX LEFT OF WORK. Although that seems close, when I say to myself that it's not until November it suddenly seems far away again. And then I see people on my Facebook counting down to Christmas and it's like jeewhizz I'll have a 5 week old baby by then!

I mentioned in my post yesterday that the third trimester is really starting to take it out of me. As you can see here in this sneaky picture by the other half from the other day...
Not my best look: spooning my cat with preg belly in all its glory
As it stands, I am experiencing what can only lightly be described as pressure on my nethers, whilst dealing with an extremely strong and active baby for my relatively small frame.

I spoke to my midwife and she said that the likelihood is is that baby is already head down and is leaning on a nerve, this is why it gets all kind of throbbing especially when I've had a wee. And before you ask (not that you would) 'tis not a water infection or any other vaginal situation. Overshare?! Perhaps. Anywho...some women give birth in that position, I guess using gravity as a helping hand? Fact of the matter is, is I am not ready for the small human to make an early appearance so if they could wiggle their way back up off the cervix area that would be ace.

Midwife tomorrow for the rhesus negative blood shenanigans and whilst I'm there I will of course discuss my need for opting to be horizontal for comfort. Just keeping everything crossed that baby isn't early as I would like to at least get into the 30 something weeks. But almost everything I've read in the forums have been posts by mums-to-be who are casually at 34/35 weeks and awaiting full engagement. I'm nowhere near fully baked yet.

Stay in there oh small one!


Monday 5 September 2016

Baby Showering

I was treated by all my nearest and dearest gals to a bloody lovely Baby Shower this weekend. Such a wonderful day. And of course as soon as I walked in and sat down I had a cry because, hormones. But in the loveliest way, naturally.

Few snapshots of vintage tea party fun:

We're also (somehow) at 28 weeks today and I seem to have embodied all of the stereotypical third trimester feelings in the last week: taking forever to roll over and get comfortable, only to realise I was more comfortable where I was. My desire to wear trousers is ever decreasing. Not being able to get up without moaning. And of course the approach of can't reach it, don't need it. 

Which brings me nicely to my #bumpingalong for today. Disclaimer in that I'm very tired and generally moving is annoying me. I also have a baby who is full of the hiccups. So today you've got me in what is considered perhaps an impractical/unprofessional, yet comfortable fleeting moment at my desk.
NB: This is not how I sit all day. Oh but if only I could.
Clothes are all non-maternity as fortunately I bought clothes many moons ago that were apparently built for a pregnant woman's figure anyway! So loose jumpsuit/pinafore item (?!) is from asos and is a size 12, paired with a size L H&M jersey stretchy top. Choker and red lippy optional - I just felt a bit French when getting ready this morning. I also need a hair wash, but you can't have it all.

With regards to the miniature human's nursery we're pretty much there now! We've got a few major items still to get, like the pram and car seat, but we're more than happy to wait a while to get those. The nursery has taken shape in the way that we hoped it would and now all that's really missing is our little person. Everything they need is just SO small. My heart explodes every time I go in the room because it makes me realise how real everything is now and how everything is going to change. But again, in the loveliest - albeit challenging - of ways.

Almost there!
From a building point of view things have slowed down now, but from an admin and midwife point of view it seems to only be just beginning! I have the midwife twice this week as I am O negative blood type which means I am part of 15% of women that are rhesus negative. Because of this it means I have to have an Anti-D injection at 28 weeks and maybe again at the birth if the blood of myself and baby were to cross. It's not so much a worry with this pregnancy, it may just mean that some extra care is needed to avoid any problems if I was to get pregnant again.

Essentially, if my baby is rhesus positive and their blood gets into my bloodstream, my immune system can develop antibodies against the rhesus antigens. If I was to be pregnant with another rhesus positive baby next time round, my antibodies can attack that baby's red blood cells which could potentially result in haemolytic disease of the newborn. This leads to anaemia and jaundice in the baby. [More info] So injection visit is the plan for this week!

Now all I really want to do is have a bath and a lie down whilst this active baby carries on dancing.

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