Tuesday 30 August 2016

Final Chapter?

There seems to be much confusion among pregnancy apps, books and online with regards to when the third trimester officially begins - with it ranging from 26-29 weeks. Generally speaking though, it seems week 27 is the start of the last pregnancy chapter.

So that's it. Third and final trimester has begun. I am 27+1 now. Here is a list of things that I need to sort out before the small one comes:

  • Complete nursery prep
  • Go on maternity leave
  • Hospital bag
  • Get leaky titties
  • Not be able to bend forward/shave legs, etc.
  • Nest
  • Eat everything
  • Find clothes that fit me when in the grips of hibernation
  • Have a baby
  • Cry because everything is overwhelming

Obviously the above list is not necessarily reflective of the next 11 weeks and also activities will not necessarily be completed in that order. But knowing that we're in the third trimester brings an element of fear in that we're officially on countdown now. Like it's happening. Shit needs to get done because we are having a baby.

Didn't do my #bumpingalong photo yesterday as quite frankly, it was Bank Holiday Monday and we were building the nursery wardrobe which (finally) arrived. So you lucky ones get to look at my clothes from today; grey t-shirt from New Look in a size 12. 'Tis actually a peplum cut so although non-maternity, allows fanning of the bump. Dress is from asos in a size 10 and again, non-maternity but was one of the first items I bought when I knew I was preg but was in the secret part of pregnancy. No one can question a growing bump when it's invisible in a boyfriend fit dress! Although the boyfriend fit is looking pretty tight nowadays...

But the most exciting thing that happened yesterday is that I FINALLY got to capture the wriggler on camera! So amazing. So alien. Just utterly incredible and I love the little one (video down the right hand side on the desktop view of la blog)

I also still find it incredibly odd that I have no idea what I'm carrying - other than that they're a baby. There I am, chatting away to this genderless person I've made with no idea if they're a little boy or a little girl. It doesn't matter to me either way, I just find it a funny situation. Should I have strong feelings about what sex they are? Or are there mums out there who also had no clue what they were carrying?

Boy or girl, our little tinker's bump adventure continues...Here's to the third trimester, guys.


Thursday 25 August 2016

Returning of the Sandwiches

You may recall my comparison of a ham sandwich in a service station and that of buying maternity clothes, a few posts back. And then how I said I'd do a separate post on the asos haul because, FASHION.

Well essentially this is it - but it's more along the lines of how clothes online don't always look like that in real life. Duh. So I am returning aforementioned ham sandwiches - not all of them mind, the snakeskin booties and polonecks made the cut, as did a white shirt.

That is me in the white shirt.

It's maternity and quite sack-like but it's very comfortable. There's something about a classic white shirt that makes you feel a bit back to school, but alas it's probably one of my favourite items in my newly reformed capsule maternity collection.

As I mentioned before, maternity clothes aren't cheap but there is a definite requirement for them. I've decided to refine my approach to the sartorial challenge and wear as many non-maternity items as possible whilst I can. And only buy maternity bits because the non-maternity equivalent just won't do; for instance, jeans or bras. This is also because I'm starting to realise that I need to easily get my booby out when the child has arrived and my money would be better spent on a nursing bra and shawl, compared to another jersey dress that clings onto the bump in all the right places because it says maternity on the label.

The next black hole of mama fashion that's crossed my mind - albeit way too early: maternity wear postpartum.

I am very much 'just bump' so far in my pregnancy, and bearing in mind how much my body weight has changed over the years with all the different meds and generally my Crohn's Disease, I was ready to expand everywhere. I'm also aware that when my baby comes out of my body I expect to look down at my newly scarred tum and see a somewhat deflated balloon (a final visual for the pregnancy wind, perhaps).

Like I've alluded to before, I am in utter awe of the body and what it does during pregnancy and I don't see why that would change once the miniature person is out of me. If anything I think I'll be taken aback even more so. Because they made it out. The human will be out of my body and in my arms. I don't want to feel the societal pressure of snapping back a la every single celeb in the sidebar of shame on Mail Online. Your body changes for 9 months so I'm expecting at least 9 months for it to return to its 'normal'. And if it doesn't, who cares?

On that basis alone, I imagine that me and my maternity jeans and booby-bearing nursing bras will remain pals for a good while after birth. And that is fine.

I've still got a lot to do before then anyway. You know, like stay being pregnant for another 12 weeks and survive this mini heatwave again.


Monday 22 August 2016

Nearly There

26 weeks today. Last week of my second trimester.

I feel like I write it every time I do a #bumpingalong but I genuinely don't know where the time is going... To think this time next week I'll be entering my third and final trimester of this pregnancy is just nuts to me. Especially when I think of all the things that still have to happen! And with that I mean my baby's growing but also practical bits and bobs.

As I mentioned in my last post, this weekend was all things nursery DIY and we had a very successful trip to IKEA as well. No arguing. No miniature pencils at dawn. Win-win if you ask me! It did make me laugh though, as I waddled through the layout (which you definitely must follow, otherwise chaos I tell ye. Like a salmon upstream), but seeing how many other preg couples were doing the same kind of thing as us; half knowing that they need to kit the nursery out but what exactly to buy? No one really knows. It's IKEA. People are there for the meatballs and strange items, no?

We got the main bits we were after though - namely a bookcase. But as always, went slightly rogue with the big yellow bag come basket. Who doesn't need multiple indoor faux greenery?! They look just great. And always worth a candle top-up when you're there, too.
Strong nursery haul
Some questionable items in the kids section however...case and point.
With regards to the nursery now, we're nearly there. The changing unit arrived on Saturday afternoon as we sat among boxes, alan keys and 95 toolbits that didn't seem to match up to the furniture we bought. But yes, lots of building was done and now what was our spare room very much has a function as a nursery. Still waiting on the wardrobe, mind. That's lost in transition somewhere which isn't helpful but I guess it's one of those things. Everything else went so smoothly, there had to be one item that went off the beaten track.

Not knowing the gender of our baby has proved tricky for accessorising as it's so easy to get carried away with typically 'boy' items and vice versa. I swear the percentage of gender neutral items in shops is like 0.01% whether that's clothing or storage boxes, even changing mats!? To be honest I don't think we'll suddenly go all out blue or pink once we know what our baby is - we've got a strong colour family we're using anyway; mint, peach, grey and white. So for instance, we got a lovely blue London print but we will offset again some peachy/coral patterns on our frame wall.

Enough waffling about interiors. I started this post with reference to #bumpingalong so here is my 26th week look.
Blue baby tube
None of it is maternity, I've just worn them in a way that lets my bump be an unrestricted bump. Top is a size 12 from Primark (£5 in the sale, bargain) and the dress is a throwback H&M number in a large from when I was all sorts of steroid large myself. And as you can see my bump is very much out now. Belly button still clinging on at the bottom but I feel much more pregnant.

I believe I experienced the first few Braxton Hicks this weekend too, which took me by surprise. Everything is becoming more real; nursery building, baby moving. Even handed in my Mat Leave form to HR at work.

Only 12 weeks until baby. Oh my.


Friday 19 August 2016


This weekend is all about nursery DIY *digs out trusty alan key*

The nursery is painted and looking just lovely - it's strange to see what was our spare room, the room that kind of had no purpose, now very much ready to be filled with all things baby. Our baby. Our baby's room.

We ordered the furniture last week and we're trying to build as it arrives. I mean I say 'we', but really I was the instruction reader and I got one swift go on a screw with an alan key...but then back to delegating as the preg one.

Our little person's cotbed arrived first and that is now built, mattress in and awaiting bedding. A jazzy rug arrived yesterday and the wardrobe is due to arrive today; so that's our Friday night activity sorted!
Me (not pictured) saying yes that is where that goes
Tomorrow however I feel will be a bit of a nightmare for my other half - and I tell you for why. It's a Saturday. And we're going to go to IKEA. The vortex that sucks you in where you follow other wandering couples and you want the children's section but suddenly you're in the garden section holding a faux palm tree. Wish us luck for that people! We might end up doing battle in the candle section with the miniature pencils.


Monday 15 August 2016

Captive Market

Maternity clothes, that is.

I'm aware how there is so much more choice nowadays compared to the matronly tents of years gone by (thank you, please). It is also doubtful that it'll be like-for-like with high street shops or websites for choice any time soon. It's just that you obviously only require maternity clothes for the set amount of time you grow the human; so you're automatically a captive market because you need their stuff...Unless you find the elusive unitard/sack to wear continuously for 9 months. Or be nude. Or alternate between the two, sure.

Why are maternity clothes so ruddy expensive though? I keep a crafty eye on asos maternity as they by far have the largest range of mama-to-be clothes. I've done my little hauls when there's a sale as I don't want to be paying over the odds for something that I can't wear once bab is here. Although I'll park that idea if the waistband lets me eat everything, a la Joey Tribbiani in Phoebe's maternity trousers.

The best analogy I can think of is that it's like when you're on a road trip and you stop at a service station; you only want a ham sandwich, but that will cost you £9 because it's the only sandwich that fits you. You know? Sandwiches...maternity wear, it's one and the same...

Well I bought multiple ham sandwiches over the weekend. Ooopsy.

In my defence it was the sale and I was also buying things that I can definitely just get large and in charge in. Some off-season AW16 garments slipped into my basket ready for those cold pregnant nights too. But hey. Who doesn't need two polo necks when we're in the middle of a small UK heatwave?! Because I certainly know I do!

Will put up my asos haul in another post once I've tried them all on and decided that yes, I definitely need these snakeskin Chelsea boots. They offset the growing bump so well #struggledtostayontask.

Talking of bumps, I am now at week 25's #bumpingalong and I'm in all the maternity today (no new items here). It's my denim shirt from Topshop in a size 10 used cleverly as a bump highlighter and the grey dress which was one of the first maternity bits I bought as it had good room to grow into. I wasn't wrong! Dress also from Topshop and in a size 10.
Pale and interesting from the knees down
Jazzy heel was originally paired with this look because I felt a bit slouchy and sleepy, and then I realised I'm pregnant and flats are my friends. So out came the flip flops from the handbag mid-commute. And looking at the photo, apparently my shins didn't see any sunlight whilst away. Don't look too closely at the lower limbs though, as you can see the nursery paint I seem to have missed whilst showering. Evidently bending forward is getting trickier despite my best efforts.

Can't believe we're 25 weeks now. 13 to go. Almost game time!


Thursday 11 August 2016


Well that was everything I wanted it to be and more. And the thing is, we didn't even really do anything. But it was perfect.

I don't want to sound like a big ol' sap but I honestly feel like this little break away for our BabyMoon has made me fall in love, all over again. Just with a new element to our relationship, in that we're going to be parents. 

I think not being distracted by life for a few days allowed us to just really enjoy one another's company - and I guess that's the whole point of a BabyMoon? Making the most of your time as a couple. It's definitely something I want to maintain even when baby's here; making sure our relationship doesn't fall by the wayside just because there's a human running around who we made.

It was strange going through the motions travelling though, such as security at the airport, or boarding the plane. You have moments when you think: Jesus wept, next time we do this we will have our small person with us. How things are going to change?! It was brilliant watching all the other Summer Holiday parents slightly losing their shit whilst travelling with their children, trying to stay composed as their foot gets trodden on for the tenth time. Such fun lies ahead it seems *googles prices of Trunkies in preparation*

Here are a few snapshots basically of me and my bump, from said BabyMoon and then I promise I will stop saying that word.

Whilst away I stayed committed to my weekly #bumpingalong in a size 12 non-maternity bikini from Boohoo.  Actually found the whole bare bump thing quite liberating! It was like being nude in public, but not in any way at all. (Thank you other half for being my photographer as and when required).
Sunshine Bumping
I am particularly enjoying seeing how much my belly moves now. Gone are the odd punches and kicks from the bambino - we're now in the swirls and ripples stage. And it is SO COOL to watch..."Come and look at my stomach! Feel the baby! Look at the baby!" I'm just in complete and utter amazement at the body and what it is capable of. We have such an active baby, yet whenever I try to capture it on film it just stops. Like it knows, playing games with its mum. However there's still plenty of time for me to film the wiggles!

Talking of the wiggles, we had our 24 weeks midwife appointment yesterday. So although it was a shame to only have a few days break away, it wasn't all bad as we got to listen to our baby again and know that everything is as it should be for this stage in pregnancy. Measuring fine, heart beating strong, movement patterns good.

I really like that they remind you how important it is to keep an eye on your baby's movements. And remember, it's not a case of a certain number of kicks per day. It's knowing what pattern is right for your baby - there's no magic number of movements. If your regular pattern changes, then to the midwife you go!

So despite our baby kicking the midwife away like last time, we got to hear the reassuring beats and that meant we could leave the hospital with the piece of mind that all is wonderful right now. Only 4 more appointments (week 28, 31, 34 and 36) and then BABY ARRIVES AT WEEK 38. Oh gosh. And we're now under 100 days to go as well which means it's action stations this Summer to get everything prepped and ready.

Also got given the info for antenatal classes; imagine there will be many an update once these begin, as we go on a journey to meet fellow parents-to-be. Ooooh. Parent friends.

And breathe.


PS: I've realised the title of this post sounds a bit like a baby showing its bare bottom. Ah well.

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Busy Bump

Considering it's only Tuesday I feel like this has been an incredibly busy week already! I think it must be because we're going on holiday on THURSDAY. Don't suppose I mentioned it at all?! BabyMoon time with bump and the other half?! I am sooooo excited. To relax and do nothing and that's fine because it's what you do on Summer holidays. My pale green skin is ready for some Vitamin D fo sho.

#bumpingalong this week at Week 23 (when did we suddenly get here?!) and as I said on the Instagram post, my look was very much suited to if I lived in a lamp; a metallic pyjama come genie medley. But it was comfortable so...T-shirt was a size 12 from River Island and the golden pantaloons are a size 14 from Topshop. Both non-maternity.
The disproportionate pinhead looking thing I've become
Saw the Crohn's antenatal team yesterday and we got to hear our bab's heartbeat, thumping away! Despite the odd kick at the doppler - it seems I'm carrying quite the hyperactive little tinker! But at least we know that all things check out as they should be for this stage in the pregnancy.
Keeping myself amused
They were also super pleased with how stable my Crohn's has been, so much so that they're happy for me to get in touch with them if anything flares up - but in the meantime they'll pass me back to the normal midwives from now on. Good news team!!

Also had my whooping cough injection this morning; entering the time frame now where each week in pregnancy pretty much equals some kind of injection or appointment. So got that today, then midwives again next week. Few more weeks and then it's the one for having a negative blood type. It's all go I tell you!

Took some time out over the weekend to start decorating our nursery... It's all so lovely it makes me want to do a happy tear - and we've only painted a ceiling white! We picked up the crib for our bedroom too, making it suddenly seem very very real. In around 15 weeks or so, the little wooden crib is going to have an even smaller human in there. That's ours. That we made. (The baby, not the crib. The crib was collected readily built)
DIY is code for dungarees
In case you didn't know, new little humans need a shit load of stuff for when they get here. We decided the best way to plan for this was to take a trip to our local pub and start on Babmin (Baby Admin). Eating a roast whilst discussing what adapter for the travel system we really needed, and swigging an OJ whilst working out how soon we need to invest in a breast pump. Glorious.
Local pubs: Making chores nicer since I said so
With regards to our upcoming BabyMoon though - I'm contemplating doing a lookbook for it? I'll be packing this evening and I think it would be a cool thing to do, to keep track of how I dress my bump whilst menopausally sweating in the Spanish heat. I sense a sartorial challenge ahead.

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