Wednesday 14 April 2021

Oh hello again...

I mean, I’ll be honest when I say I thought this initial post would essentially be a quick catch up from the last post with a nod to the hiatus. But it seems I haven’t posted since April 2019 and in the words of Ted Hastings from Line of Duty: “Mother of God!” Haven’t things changed since then!?

As I don’t have 2 year pregnancies like elephants, I did of course go on to have our second baby in the Summer of 2019; a little boy who decided to arrive 5 weeks early. He’s a dreamboat who’s now 1.5yrs and doing wonderfully. My eldest son is due to start school this year and we’ve just got a Cockapoo pup. We’re a busy little unit, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Oh, also not sure if I mentioned at any point that our cat now only has three legs? We can save that for another time. We must press on!

But where do you even begin with the shitshow that was 2020? Apart from the obvious angle of a global pandemic which turned the whole year (and world) upside down. I feel like if ever there was a year when I should have been writing as a therapeutic tool, it was probably 2020. But I didn't. I suppose 2020 felt like frequent information overload and so subconsciously I spent time to take in what was happening around me. And now I guess it feels a bit like maybe it's worth trying to vocalise my adjusting to the ‘new normal’, negotiating through the uncertain future plans and what that might look like. Equally it is impossible for me to look at last year and not acknowledge that from a Crohn's point of view, it was the hardest year I've had in bloody ages. What. A. Joy.

I want to talk through all that in separate posts though, as it was a wonky old time and, I don’t know, it feels a bit heavy. However I need to put it out there so I can finally process it all? From shielding and being an extremely vulnerable to the time I actually shat out my mouth due to an intestinal blockage - it’ll be quite the literary ride!

Hope to have you join me. It’s nice to be back.


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